Sunday, 30 May 2010

The next while

i have been a graduate for almost a year now and during that time have worked for myself and Belt Up Theatre. it's now lovely to no longer feel like a graduate, i no longer feel like i'm lying to people when i tell them that i work for myself and that i'm not a student.

it's exciting to assume that this feeling will only increase as time goes on and that i'll feel more and more part of the real world. having said 'the real world' i work in theatre, so perhaps that doesn't count.

as a member of Belt Up i have been incredibly lucky and hopefully will continue to be so. we've had some great breaks, some great opportunities and a lot of good friends and people supporting us along the way.

the more work we do the more comfortable i feel doing it and with the amount of work we've got coming up that can only be a good thing. in the next few months we are producing 11 brand new shows and hosting 1, all of which are as exciting as the next. i feel ready for these shows to take everything to the next level, the next step away from the student company we used to be.

fingers crossed.

Midsummer Nights Dream
Second Start To The Right
Lorca is Dead
The Boy James

it struck me the other day, whilst i was running around a secondary school in costume and make-up, that i was at work. this is a bloody good job.