Wednesday, 6 May 2009

the very art of blogging

i think there are, at least for me, a million reasons why i would never have a blog.

i would assume that this very act would make me a little ego-centric. the assumption that others will spend their time reading my various thoughts.

in this vein, my thoughts are exactly that: mine. ordinarily i have no means, desire or need to publish them. they remain, as do most peoples, cosily holed up in my head, tucked in around other tasks of the day. this, then, is one of those tasks between which the toughts are kept, stolen and, now, slid out on to the page.

i cannot promise to be of any interest, although i shall do my best to try.

currently i have little divulge. hopefully this may change. anyone reading this may be witness to wordly and inspiring thoughts on any number of subjects. then again, you may not.

one can only hope and keep one's fingers crossed. for now.

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